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Money can be stressful and confusing for therapists and health practitioners in private practice – dealing with all of our feelings and stories about it, understanding how to actually manage our business finances, and making money work for us in our lives can feel so daunting that many therapists just avoid dealing with money altogether. Join Linzy Bonham, therapist and creator of Money Skills for Therapists, as she demystifies all things private practice finances through short and sweet solo episodes, conversations with therapists who have transformed their relationships with money, and live coaching calls with Money Skills for Therapists students.

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Hi I'm Linzy

Hi I'm Linzy

I’m a therapist in private practice, and a the creator of Money Skills for Therapists. I help therapists and health practitioners in private practice feel calm and in control of their finances.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Prioritize Your Practice Finances

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to managing your finances? Do you find yourself putting off the financial planning you need to do even when you’ve set aside time to do it? In this coaching session, Linzy and Kristen really dig into Kristen’s financial goals and what might be holding her back when it comes to working on her finances.

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Paying Off Six-Figure Student Debt

Do you struggle with setting fees and boundaries within your private practice? Are you considering a transition in your private practice? Are you looking for ways to manage and pay off loans? In this comprehensive episode, Linzy and Erin dive into so many great topics including (1) how to set fees and boundaries in private practice and (2) how to manage the student debt that often comes with getting the degrees needed for a successful private practice.

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Planning Ahead with Your Private Practice Finances

What is the next step with budgeting when looking toward the future? How can we make sure that we are saving appropriately for upcoming expenses? In this coaching session, Linzy and Fireda really dive into what is going well for Fireda with her budgeting, and they focus in on her desire to take her budgeting planning to the next level.

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How to Create a Burnout-Proof Business

Do you ever feel like you are pouring from an empty cup when it comes to serving the clients in your therapy practice? Do you find that you are often looking out for everyone else when it comes to your business before thinking about your own needs? Don’t miss this episode where Linzy and guest Maegan Megginson explore the connection between taking charge of your finances and having a happier, healthier life right now.

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Charging an Appropriate Fee to Match Your Money Goals

Does thinking about raising your fees make you sweat? Do you struggle to charge what you actually need to charge to live your life? What stories come up when you think about raising your rates? In this episode, Linzy talks with Tiffany McLain, an expert on fees for therapists, and together, they dig into the background societal conditioning that impacts our attitudes and work as therapists.

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Managing Money Anxiety and a Math Learning Disability

Do you ever feel anxious and fearful about what you might find when you go to look at your bank account or credit card statement? Afraid of knowing and facing the ugly truth about your finances? In this coaching session, Linzy and Blair celebrate the progress Blair has made in her private practice finances while having dyscalculia, but they also discuss the work still to do when it comes to Blair’s anxiety.

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Money Shame to Money Mindfulness

Does thinking about budgeting make you want to run in the opposite direction? In today’s episode (the first one of season 2!), April Snow shares about her journey with money and what led her to realize that she needed to come up with more of a plan for managing her money. April also discusses her strategies related to budgeting as a highly sensitive therapist – don’t miss her talking about how it can be freeing rather than limiting! As we settle into a new year, be sure to hear these great tips that can really help you improve your relationship with money.

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Using Your Core Values to Guide Money Decisions

Have you considered how focusing on your values can help you make financial decisions? By looking at our core values and what those mean in practice, we can get away from feeling like more money always equals a happier life, and we can start instead considering how much money it takes us to lead the fulfilling lives we personally desire. Michelle and Linzy also talk about practical ways to integrate those core values into our planning and our practices so that we are working and living more fully and with more intention.

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Taking Up Financial Space as Anti-Oppressive

Have you been wondering how to BOTH increase your income and also stand up against the oppressive systems that dominate our society? Listen in as Linzy and Dena cut to the core of these issues in our society and the way they affect therapy and private practice. Most importantly, Dena and Linzy really explore what we as therapists can do about it! We talk about how to become bigger and increase income while also remaining focused on core values as a way to bring about change. Listen in to hear more about reframing our thoughts about these important issues.

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