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Money can be stressful and confusing for therapists and health practitioners in private practice – dealing with all of our feelings and stories about it, understanding how to actually manage our business finances, and making money work for us in our lives can feel so daunting that many therapists just avoid dealing with money altogether. Join Linzy Bonham, therapist and creator of Money Skills for Therapists, as she demystifies all things private practice finances through short and sweet solo episodes, conversations with therapists who have transformed their relationships with money, and live coaching calls with Money Skills for Therapists students.

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Hi I'm Linzy

Hi I'm Linzy

I’m a therapist in private practice, and a the creator of Money Skills for Therapists. I help therapists and health practitioners in private practice feel calm and in control of their finances.

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Where to Start with Your Private Practice Finances

So many therapists and health practitioners have no idea where to even begin when it comes to their private practice finances.

It’s totally understandable to feel overwhelmed – the majority of us were never taught about this stuff.

In this episode of Money Skills For Therapists, I’ll be giving you the first practical, actionable step that you can take towards improving your relationship with money and getting more clarity around your business finances.

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Abundance vs Scarcity Coaching Session

When it comes to making a big purchase for your business, how do you resist falling into scarcity thinking that makes you say no to everything, but also make sure you don’t throw money away?

Dr. Marcuetta Sims is a grad of the Money Skills for Therapists course, and she joins me in this episode for a coaching session where we dig into issues of scarcity and abundance when you’re making big spending decisions for your business.

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Money and Relational Trauma with Annie Wright

In this episode, we discuss the strong relationship between financial and psychological well-being. Annie Wright is a psychotherapist who supports the well-being of those who didn’t have a good childhood, but want to have an amazing adulthood. Annie shares how financial empowerment directly connects with being able to set healthy boundaries and take care of your mental health, especially for those who grew up in dysfunctional families.

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Building a Sustainable Private Practice with Allison Puryear

Do you need a reality check about money? Sometimes we can get caught in the idea that more money will make us happy. Money does provide SO many things, but it doesn’t change who we are, as Allison has discovered. Allison Puryear has a nearly diagnosable obsession with business development, which she uses to help therapists build sustainable, full, & happy private practices.

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