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Are you saving enough for taxes?

Do you know how much money you should have already put away for taxes? 

Does the idea of figuring this out how much to set aside for taxes make you want to hide under the bed? 

If you’re unclear about how much to set aside, or if you avoid thinking about paying taxes, then you’re not alone. 

A lot of us super talented, highly educated and very competent therapists, tend to be a hot mess when it comes to money, and that includes saving for taxes. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You are invited to my free workshop, Setting Enough Aside for Taxes (in 5 Easy Steps!), where I’m debunking the common story that it’s hard to know how much to save for taxes! In this free workshop I will help you create a plan so you can face the next tax season with calm and confidence, knowing that you have the right amount of money set aside.

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How to (Actually) Reach Your Savings Goals Coaching Session 

How much do you actually need to save for business expenses and an emergency fund? Once you know those numbers, how do you set yourself up to effectively save that money? In today’s coaching session, Linzy and guest Jenny Smith dig into specific numbers that would work best for Jenny’s financial needs, and they come up with a plan to attain that goal.

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Hi, I’m Linzy

I’m a therapist in private practice turned money coach who helps therapists, health practitioners and coaches develop peace of mind about their money.

Through my signature course, Money Skills for Therapists, I’ve helped dozens of private practice owners gain the practical know-how, to make their business take care of them.

If you’d like to stay in touch, check out the Money Skills for Therapists Podcast and follow me on Instagram!

Linzy has some sort of amazing magic that makes engaging with your businesses finances fun. I’m still not totally sure how she did it, but I’ve gone from someone who was super overwhelmed about what to do with my business finances to someone who feels way more grounded and secure in what I’m doing in regards to the money I bring in.
Jen Fedette
LCP in Arlington, VA
Before working with Linzy I was completely avoidant when it came to money in my business and especially personally. Like super avoidant. I didn’t even know how much money I made last year. Now that I've finished Money Skills for Therapists, I’m finally clear on my money goals and what it will actually take to get where I want to go.
Erica Ames
LCSW in Huston, TX
Linzy is the smartest, most down-to-earth money guru/therapist you’ll ever have the pleasure to know. I went from feeling paralyzed, uniformed and overwhelmed by my business finances to clear, organized and in control. I actually look forward to working on my finances each week, and it’s become something that I do not only to take care of my business, but also for my own peace of mind.
Jeanne Layne
PLLC in Trenton, MI
I am so grateful for you Linzy, for helping me out and listening to me and encouraging me not to hang up or to hide my face when I was crying when we were going over very tough stuff. Right now I feel a lot better and more confident about my business. I have set a budget and every dollar has a job and I know that my money is working for me. Now I’m able to save money.
Kim Wheeler-Poitevien
LCSW in Philadelphia, PA
I've been in practice for 23 years and have tried a variety of ways to work with my finances and understanding them... I never was successful at "getting it", but I got this and wish that I had had this at the beginning of my career. It would have made this part of my life so much simpler.
LCSW in Lake Oswego

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