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Get off the Private Practice Income Roller Coaster

  • Are you struggling to pay yourself consistently from your private practice? 
  • Are you able to pay yourself really well one month, and then next month you’re struggling to pay the bills?
  • Do you feel like a hot mess when it comes to paying yourself?
Riding the private practice Income Rollercoaster is a one-way ticket to burnout. One week you’re up, the next week you’re down. Rinse and repeat.
I’ve found a better way!
Learn exactly how to pay yourself a regular, reliable paycheck from your private practice in my FREE guide “Get Off The Private Practice Income Rollercoaster”
Inside this guide you’ll learn:
  • What you can do today to create consistency in your private practice income
  • How much you should be paying yourself on a regular basis
  • How to build the habits and system to get off the income rollercoaster for good!

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Do you feel like a 'Hot Mess' about Money?

I hear from therapists every other day, who struggle with their business finances because they keep getting stuck.

I know you’ve tried to work on your finances many times before, but it never sticks. 

And there’s a reason things aren’t changing for you…

It’s that Your Relationship to Money needs to change.

Our beliefs and emotions around money can be serious barriers to even *thinking* about starting to make changes in how we manage our finances.

In fact, without changing those beliefs and the emotions that go with them, making lasting change is damn near impossible.

I created this free mini training for therapists who are ready to work on their beliefs about money and open to changing their relationship to money.

This free mini-training is a quick, and POWERFUL, first step to building the new relationship with money that is essential to get your finances in order.

I’m excited for you to dive in and start changing your money mindset today!

Could you use a Hand Navigating Uncertain Times?

When the world goes topsy-turvy and our private practices are impacted, it’s easy to go into survival or scarcity mode and not be able to think strategically.

If you’re feel unclear about your finances, have lost clients or have lost income at home, this guide can help.

I’ve laid out six simple steps to think through the different areas of your financial life where you can make positive changes, as well as some mistakes to avoid.

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Are you saving enough for taxes?

Do you know how much money you should have already put away for taxes? 

Does the idea of figuring this out how much to set aside for taxes make you want to hide under the bed? 

If you’re unclear about how much to set aside, or if you avoid thinking about paying taxes, then you’re not alone. 

A lot of us super talented, highly educated and very competent therapists, tend to be a hot mess when it comes to money, and that includes saving for taxes. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You are invited to my free workshop, Setting Enough Aside for Taxes (in 5 Easy Steps!), where I’m debunking the common story that it’s hard to know how much to save for taxes! In this free workshop I will help you create a plan so you can face the next tax season with calm and confidence, knowing that you have the right amount of money set aside.

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