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Monday, April 22 to Thursday, April 25, 2024


Money Shame

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of feeling confused, overwhelmed, and ashamed when it comes to your private practice finances
  • When you go to look at your finances, you get totally flooded with emotion and end up avoiding it… Again
  • You’re not able to pay yourself well – or at all – from your private practice
  • You have no idea where to even begin

If you said yes to any of the above, then we’ve got something for you…

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Overcoming Money Shame

Monday, April 22 to Thursday, April 25, 2024

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A series of FREE live 1-hour workshops with Linzy that will help you go from feeling shame and confusion about your private practice finances, to calm and confidence.


You’ll get to connect with Linzy live on Zoom each day and learn how to:

Feel Calm and Confident About Money Workshop

Flip the internal script

on money shame, by putting your struggles with money in a bigger context (you not knowing how to manage money isn’t about you – it’s waaaay bigger than that)
Feel Calm and Confident About Money Workshop-money secrets

Understand the secret of money success

and how therapists go from money stress and confusion to calm and confidence, and from avoidance to making money a neutral (or even exciting) part of their private practice and their life

Feel Calm and Confident About Money Workshop-connect

Break down isolation and silence

around money, and connect with other talented therapists and health practitioners who also want to change their relationship with money

Feel Calm and Confident About Money Workshop-steps

Clearly understand the steps

to get your private practice finances working for you, and to totally change your relationship with money

Here’s the schedule for the week:

Monday, April 22

Why Money Is So Hard for Therapists

Tuesday, April 23

The 3 Keys to Feeling Empowered About Money

Wednesday, April 24

Breaking Down the Isolation & Silence Around Money

Thursday, April 25

The 4 Steps to Getting Your Private Practice Finances Really Working for You (And Building a Whole New Relationship with Money!)

We’re giving away $500 cash to one lucky participant!

For each workshop you attend live, you get entered into a draw for $500 cash. To win, you need to be at the live draw during the Thursday workshop when Linzy draws your name! It’s that easy. So come out live to the workshops as much as you can, and be there live for the draw during the Thursday workshop, and the $500 can be yours! Good luck!

I’m a therapist in private practice turned money coach who helps therapists, health practitioners, and coaches feel calm and in control of their finances. I’m also the creator of the Money Skills for Therapists course.

As the daughter of an accountant, I inherited a good dose of bookkeeping brain. I’m like half therapist, half bookkeeper. So when I went into private practice, I dug right into all the ways to build a healthy business that pays for my life and always has extra money in the bank.

I also saw my super skilled colleagues struggle with the money side of business. Some had even left private practice, or were avoiding starting one, because the money side was too stressful.

So I put my lucky combination of people and money skills together, and Money Skills for Therapists was born.

Now I help therapists, health practitioners, and coaches develop peace of mind about their money. Since so many of us were never taught about money, I focus on the ‘how’ of making the financial side of private practice doable, and even super satisfying (feeling competent and calm about your money is pretty swell!)

Are you ready to take control of your private practice finances?

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