Welcome to the Thriving Therapist Mastermind Community! 

I love that you decided to join this awesome mastermind, where we’ll work together to help you find the focus, support, and actionable accountability you need to fix your leaks and focus on your big personal and professional goals, so you can thrive both as a therapist and a human!

You will receive an email invitation to the Facebook Accountability Group, and links for our accountability goal tracking tools a few days before the first mastermind meeting. 

I will also send email reminders of the mastermind calls, with the zoom link and the password. To start, please take a few minutes right now and block the calls times in your calendar (see below)!

Every other Wednesday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm EST (120 minutes), starting on Wednesday April 7th and ending on September 29th.

While you’re at it, include the Zoom link and meeting password in your calendar events:

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86981171166?pwd=b3J2Q1ZlWjF1OUt4VjF0dFVLeGVhdz09
Meeting ID: 869 8117 1166
Passcode: 336517
If you haven’t received email instructions by Sunday April 4th, please reach out to us at hello@moneynutsandbolts.com and our team will get you underway. 

Yours, in tea, gardening and Netflix,


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