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Managing Money Anxiety and a Math Learning Disability Coaching Session

Managing Money Anxiety and a Math Learning Disability Coaching Session

“I live in the mountains of North Carolina, and I love to go hiking, so I like to think of these as mountains. That money mountain was a really big one for me. And so, now I’m coming down from peaking off of that one, but going up another money mountain, and addressing other things. And within that, there is all this other stuff – these rolling hills – that you have got to embrace and conquer.”

~Blair Buckler

Meet Blair Buckler

Blair has been a private practice therapist for almost 4 years specializing in DBT and mood disorders with teens and adults. 

In This Episode…

Do you ever feel anxious and fearful about what you might find when you go to look at your bank account or credit card statement? Afraid of knowing and facing the ugly truth about your finances?

In this coaching session, Linzy and Blair celebrate the progress Blair has made in her private practice finances while having dyscalculia, but they also discuss the work still to do when it comes to Blair’s anxiety. Blair shares about how, although she has made tremendous progress with the practical aspects of managing her money, she continues to work through some of the emotional components of working with her finances. Blair and Linzy dig into the lingering anxieties that Blair feels when she thinks about managing her finances and what she can do to manage those so that she can continue celebrating and enjoying her growth.

Listen in to get some great tips about how to celebrate the progress you make with money and how to sit with the emotional side of money work. You don’t want to miss this as you work towards your own financial goals! 

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Hi, I'm Linzy

Hi, I'm Linzy

I’m a therapist in private practice, and a the creator of Money Skills for Therapists. I help therapists and health practitioners in private practice feel calm and in control of their finances.

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