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Money Skills for Therapists
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My signature course has been carefully designed to take therapists in private practice from money confusion, worry, shame, and uncertainty – to confidence and peace. In this course I give you everything you need to create financial peace of mind.

To ensure the quality of my course for current students, I gradually release new spots to my waiting list. Sign up and I’ll let you know the next time I open registration!

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It’s Time to Feel as GOOD
About Money as Your Do
About Your Work

Let’s face it. Your private practice as a therapist,
health practitioner or coach is your vocation.
Your identity.

You branched out on your own so you could do the
work you love on your own terms.

But you feel like a hot mess when it comes to the business side of your practice! Don’t you wish you felt calm, clear, and confident about finances?!

That’s where Money Skills for Therapists comes in!

Let’s face it. Your private practice as a therapist, health practitioner or coach is your vocation.
Your identity.

You branched out on your own so you could do the work you love on your own terms.

But you feel like a hot mess when it comes to the business side of your practice! Don’t you wish you felt calm, clear, and confident about finances?!

That’s where Money Skills for Therapists comes in!

They don't teach money in therapist school...

You’ve dedicated yourself to learning & practicing modalities that transform your clients’ experience.

You don’t have TIME to study the ins and outs of accounting.

So it makes sense that the intricacies of money management feel mysterious.

And since most of us expect money to be hard — we actually make it harder than it is.

For example: have you…
You’re not alone. Most of us struggle with money on multiple levels.
Get your financial life on track​

We love being with our clients and seeing them through to the other side of their struggle.

And your clients probably think YOU have all your stuff together, right? They think you’re as carefree and unencumbered as you’re helping them to be.

Imagine they were RIGHT! Imagine you actually DID feel competent and calm about your money!

You’re incredibly intelligent and perfectly confident in MANY areas of life. It’s time to make MONEY work for you, too!

All it takes is a financial framework that feels EASY for not-mathy people like you & me.

Here's the thing: Money is emotional! Finance gurus don't acknowledge the psychological aspect of money confusion. - Continuous worry - constant stress - the crushing weigh of shame So let’s stop pretending that our finances are purely logical. Let’s get to the root of the problem, so you can finally feel free!

I'm Linzy!


A social worker by training, I was with a community agency for 2 years before feeling overworked & underpaid.

So I opened my private practice in 2014. I loved it! I was finally fulfilled and in control of my work!

Things started off okay. But I was spending more than I was getting paid… And before long, I started to feel like an overworked and underpaid therapist. Again.

It hit me that I had no idea how to manage the business side of my private practice! And I didn’t have anyone to rely on but myself.

The stakes were high:
It was time for me to start treating my private practice like a real business.

And this was the catalyst I needed to address my mindset around money.

I taught myself how to make my business take care of me.

For the first time EVER, I began to feel ease and clarity around money!
Now, money goes as far as I need it to…
without stressing out, overspending, or spreading myself too thin.
This is what I want for YOU!
With the right mindset, skills, and systems, success is so much more than balanced books!

1. Guilt and shame vanish
2. Money works for you
3. Your private practice succeeds

Are you excited to succeed financially — and THRIVE?
Break through money blocks
— just like Ashley, Hannah, Tanya & Marcuetta

I loved all of the information, the videos and I was absolutely blown away by the support that Linzy provides, HERSELF. All of her employees are awesome as well.

Everyone was so kind and helpful. Finances can be a really difficult topic, but doing it with this team has been so great.

Ashley Gray
LCSW Couples Therapist

Colorado, USA

This course changed my life!
The knowledge and community support truly revolutionized the way I approach money.

What once was fear-driven
and a spend/avoid the numbers approach is now an approach that is guided by my highest self. I am no longer scared to look at my numbers and make decisions based on what I’ve got in the bank.

Dr. Hannah Joharchi
EMDR Certified

California, USA

I wish I would have known about this course in 2018/19 when I started… it would have been incredibly helpful.

Linzy provides so much
useful information that would have been helpful to receive in grad school.

Tanya Kirkland

British Columbia, Canada

I wish that I’d had this course at the beginning of my career. It would have made this part of my life so much simpler. I’ve really just noticed so many drastic changes in my relationship with money and how I manage my business finances.

I really appreciated the group coaching calls, the co-working sessions, the time to be able to focus on my money, and being able to ask very specific questions and get support and feedback.

I’m really grateful to have been part of this community.

If you have ANY kind of challenges with managing your money,
if you have ANY kind of limiting beliefs related to money, if at ANY time you’ve struggled with looking at your money and figuring out the best ways to move forward,
if you find yourself being confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated,
if you really want to be CEO and CFO of your business and be clear about your finances…

…it is worth every single penny.

The hands-on, accountability, processing, holding space, and support that is received really takes this to the next level.

Dr. Marcuetta Sims
Licensed Psychologist, M.A., Ph.D., Group Practice Owner  Owner of the Worth, Wisdom, and Wellness Center

Atlanta, GA

Enter... Money Skills for Therapists

The more clarity you have in running your business, the easier it is to focus on clients.

Which is why the money side of things is as important as client care when you have a private practice!

Money is flowing in and out of your practice already…

But your strategy is off-kilter, misguided, or absent altogether.

Money Skills for Therapists helps you lock in a strategy & systems that work for YOU.
All so you can use money to accomplish your most important goals:
The possibilities are endless!

Your Path to Confidence & Peace
— in Money & Life!

Money Skills for Therapists is a six month course that helps you overcome your blocks.

It’s an opportunity to solve your money problems once and for all in a step-by-step program.

Module 1: Commit
Prepare to overcome your money blocks! Connect with your goals, your values, and what’s important to you on this journey.



Module 2: Create Clarity
Discover proven systems that demystify the entire process of money management. Revenue, expenses, receipts — plus personal finance!
Module 3: Choose Your Tools
Get support evaluating options and finding what works best for you, your habits, your life, and your brain.



Module 4: Broaden Your Perspective
Explore what it looks like to build a practice that serves your life and your goals. We’re talking about money you want to earn, vacation goals, & how many clients to see.
Module 5: Plan for Success
Start thinking long-term! Develop a strategy to pay yourself regularly, save for paid time off & sick days, set money aside so tax time is stress-free!



Module 6: Implement
Strengthen money habits and use your system to actually make your life tangibly (& increasingly) better.
By taking this course, you’ll gain…

Extra Support is Included!

Private Online Community

Ask questions of me and my coach and connect with other emotionally intelligent therapists and practitioners. You get 6 months of access to an incredible network of people just like you.

Take a deep dive into your relationship with money during these LIVE weekly calls. Over 6 months, you’ll get mindset coaching, technical support, and help with the math side of things!

Coaching Call

Get focused, personalized support and business coaching with me. This 30-minute session gives you real clarity on any business, mindset, or financial questions.

Accountability Partner

We’ll match you with another member based on your wants and needs. Stay engaged, active, and moving forward in the context of a one-on-one business relationship.
Plus all the peace and confidence that come with having your money work for you!
  • Clear distinctions between “work life” and “home life” now that you’re not constantly worried about money.
  • Recharge, take a break — a vacation, even! With your money doing the heavy lifting, you’ve freed up time, mental energy, and even extra dollars to really take care of yourself.
  • No guilt, no shame. Imagine the FREEDOM of being competent and confident with your finances.
A totally new way to deal

You’ve tried working on your finances many times before.

And it never sticks.

So many therapists and coaches spend years being afraid of money stuff. It feels overwhelming. And we get stuck in a destructive pattern.

I get it. You might be worried that this is same-old-same-old.

But it’s not.

You’ve probably never dealt with your complicated emotions before.

You & I both know that our beliefs and emotions can seriously derail progress — in any area of our lives.

And that’s exactly what we get to work on together inside Money Skills for Therapists.

Are you ready to do this?

You’ve reached the end of this page. You’re at a crossroads right now.

So what will you choose?

You can click away. 

That means you’re deciding to keep living your life as it is. Nothing changes.
Your finances are still stressful and you still feel like a hot mess.

Or you can heal your entire financial life.

Choose something new. Shake off the dust of confusion and shame. Become as competent and confident with your money as you are in so many areas of life.

Signup now and I’ll reach out as soon as we open registration for Money Skills for Therapists!

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