Money can be stressful and confusing for therapists and health practitioners in private practice – dealing with all of our feelings and stories about it, understanding how to actually manage our business finances, and making money work for us in our lives can feel so daunting that many therapists just avoid dealing with money altogether. Join Linzy Bonham, therapist and creator of Money Skills for Therapists, as she demystifies all things private practice finances through short and sweet solo episodes, conversations with therapists who have transformed their relationships with money, and live coaching calls with Money Skills for Therapists students.

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Hi I'm Linzy

Hi I'm Linzy

I’m a therapist in private practice, and a the creator of Money Skills for Therapists. I help therapists and health practitioners in private practice feel calm and in control of their finances.

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Financial Planning that Works with Our Lives with Childfree Wealth Founder Jay Zigmont - Episode Cover Image

How can financial planning be more aligned with individual life goals? Linzy talks with Dr. Jay Zigmont, a financial planner for childfree people who want to learn how to manage their finances in a way that makes sense for their lives. Jay and Linzy dig into how financial planning often focuses on numbers but is far more effective when it is focused instead on life goals.

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Self-Love as a Missing Piece with Money with Kasey Compton Episode Graphic

Have you considered the role self-care plays in your financial wellbeing and in your business? Guest Kasey Compton talks with Linzy about an often overlooked component of business for practice owners. Kasey shares about self-love and how really connecting with oneself and tuning into our needs can profoundly impact our businesses and can help us achieve financial success as well as balanced living.

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Investment Periods to Better Your Business Coaching Session Episode Cover Image

What does an investment period in your business look like? How do you price your services in a way that honors the work you do? Today Linzy is talking with Ashley Dickson-Ellison, a small business owner who manages and produces the Money Skills for Therapists podcast.

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