Money can be stressful and confusing for therapists and health practitioners in private practice – dealing with all of our feelings and stories about it, understanding how to actually manage our business finances, and making money work for us in our lives can feel so daunting that many therapists just avoid dealing with money altogether. Join Linzy Bonham, therapist and creator of Money Skills for Therapists, as she demystifies all things private practice finances through short and sweet solo episodes, conversations with therapists who have transformed their relationships with money, and live coaching calls with Money Skills for Therapists students.

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Hi I'm Linzy

Hi I'm Linzy

I’m a therapist in private practice, and a the creator of Money Skills for Therapists. I help therapists and health practitioners in private practice feel calm and in control of their finances.

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How does overachievement show up when it comes to money? How can we slow down and settle into our bodies and feelings to better manage our relationship to money? Heather Stevenson shares about what overachievement often looks like when it comes to finances.

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Episode Image Building a Group Practice That Reflects Your Values Coaching Session

How do you manage the numbers when starting a group practice? In this practical coaching session, Linzy and Leah dig into real numbers for a new group practice to figure out how to make the finances work for both the group practice owner as well as the clinicians within the practice. They also explore the importance of aligning with your values as a business owner and providing benefits to employed clinicians.

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Episode cover image - how to create an online course with Nyssa Brown

Have you considered creating a course as a way to share what you know with more people? Would you like to grow your income without stretching yourself too thin with one-on-one sessions? In this practical episode, Nyssa Brown outlines the actionable steps you can take today to help you get started creating a course or program for the people you love to serve.

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