Do you find yourself overworking in your practice, and going long stretches without taking any time off?

Do you sometimes notice jealousy creep in hearing clients talk about their amazing vacations… when you feel like you can’t even afford to take time off, let alone go away somewhere?

When was the last time you felt fully replenished, refreshed, and excited and to dive into your clinical work?

It makes total sense that as a therapist or health practitioner in private practice, you don’t have a clear way to take paid time off or meaningful vacation time.

It’s not like you had a course in your professional training that taught you how to manage these parts of your business. We’ve spent so much time learning how to take care of others’ well-being, but information about finances, systems and the importance of actually taking care of ourselves as people, practitioners and business owners was nowhere in sight. This lack of education about private practice finances and how to make them actually work for us can make it all feel overwhelming and impossible.

But I can assure you, you can learn how to set yourself up to take regular paid time off AND save for the amazing vacations that will recharge you.

Afterall, you’ve learned SO much to get where you are in your career and your private practice, and you can absolutely learn this too.

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In this guide we’re gonna talk all about how you can financially plan for the perfect amount of paid time off (PTO) and  vacation time for next year without getting hit with the vacation double-whammy:

  • Paying for trips and holiday plans…
  • While also NOT GETTING PAID because you’re not seeing clients

This guide will walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to figure out your own PTO and vacation goals, and how to set up a system to make those goals a reality. 

The guide even comes with an easy-to-use calculator that will break it all down for you and let you explore what’s possible, plus a little video to walk you through it. You’re going to get the support to explore your own personal numbers, set up your system, and get it working for you, so PTO and vacation time become a normal part of your life. And hey, maybe it will even be fun.

A quick who-am-I. My name is Linzy Bonham and I’m a therapist turned business and money coach. A friend once introduced me as “the perfect mix of spreadsheet and heart” and I take that as a big compliment.

As the daughter of an accountant, I inherited a good dose of bookkeeping-brain. I’m like half therapist, half bookkeeper. So when I went into private practice I dug right into all the ways to build a healthy business that pays for my life and always has extra money in the bank.

I also saw my super-skilled colleagues struggle with the money side of business. Some had even left private practice, or were avoiding starting one, because the money side was too stressful.

I put my lucky combination of people and money skills together, and Money Nuts & Bolts was born. Over time, this work grew to be my full-time passion, and so after seven years of private practice I closed my practice to focus on teaching finances to therapists full-time.

Through my foundational course Money Skills for Therapists I have supported more than 450 therapists over the last 5 years in going from money confusion and shame to calm and confidence.

A rested clinician is an effective clinician

This workbook is for you if...

you have been wanting to prioritize your self-care and well-being by taking the paid time off you truly need, but don’t know how to financially or practically make it happen

you have been wanting to create a system that will smooth out the financial piece of taking time off. (No more booking time away with no income to cover your financial needs and the stress that comes with that!)

… you have been dreaming of an amazing trip with your family but never have enough set aside to make it happen

you are craving a life where there is no anxiety if you are sick or just need a day off, and instead you can take the time you need for yourself, knowing you have money specifically for PTO

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