Welcome to the Big Goals Mastermind Community! 

I love that you decided to join this mastermind, where you will find the focus, support, and actionable accountability that you need to get where you really want to go!

You will receive an email invitation to the online community and accountability goal tracking tool, a couple of days before the first mastermind meeting. 

I will also send email reminders of the mastermind calls, with the zoom link and the password. To start, please take a few minutes right now and block these times on your calendar:

Every other Tuesday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm EST (90 minutes), starting on Tuesday August 11th and ending on February 23rd.

While you’re at it, include the Zoom link and meeting password in your calendar events:

Password: BigGoalsMM

If you haven’t received email instructions by Sunday August 9th, please reach out to us at support@moneynutsandbolts.com and our tech team will get you underway. 

Yours, in tea, gardening and Netflix,


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