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Money Skills for Therapists Course Call Schedule

Here is our schedule of upcoming course calls. Once you’re an enrolled student you’ll get weekly email reminders with links to join these course calls. If you have any questions, send us an email to:

The Coaching & Support Calls are a very helpful part of the course. This is your chance to ask Linzy questions, get support from the group, get to know everyone, and learn from your fellow therapists who are also working to get their finances in order.

If you cannot make a Coaching & Support Call, you can access the recording of the call in our online community afterward. (The links for those calls are private, and only posted in our community, so the calls cannot be accessed by anyone but us). Students who haven’t been able to make a call, but have listened later, have often said it was really helpful and connecting just to listen. People will always be talking about pieces that are relevant to you, so it’s well worth the time to join calls or listen later. 

The Get Shit Done Co-Working & Troubleshooting Sessions are designed for you to use the momentum of the group to get to some tasks you really want to get done (and have maybe been avoiding). This is also where you can get technical support with implementing your systems. Linzy will be on these calls, and available to jump into side rooms in Zoom to give you one-on-one support if you have any questions or barriers that come up while working away! This lets you move past whatever blocks might come up and continue making progress on your task. You’re welcome to jump in and out of the co-working sessions as your schedule allows.

The Money Stories, Mindset & Boundaries Call is hosted by coach Diane and will offer a space to explore how your Money Stories, your Money Mindset and your Money Boundaries intersect. This is your chance to get support with mindset issues, places you’re feeling stuck, technical questions, or just connecting with coach Diane and other students to help keep your momentum up.

The Ask An Accountant Call happens quarterly and it’s your opportunity to ask an expert all of your burning private practice accounting and tax questions. We bring in a professional accountant that specializes in accounting, bookkeeping & tax services for private practice owners. Both current students and grads are invited to attend these special calls.

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